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PSC Result 2019 & Ebtedaye Result 2019: We are living in an era, where students have to participate in a lot of public exams. PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC. Too much presence of public exams are making our guardians and students confused about all the details of these exams. Not only that, those who are attending the PSC exam for the very first time, they don’t know every detail of this exam. Their guardians are also not that kind of aware of the details of this exam. That’s quite realistic actually. It’s tough for a 10 years old boy/girl to know about the result finding process of PSC/Ebtedaye exam. So to make our students and guardians well aware of every single fact of this exam, we are writing this article.

What are the PSC and Ebtedaye exam?

PSC and Ebtedaye are the very first public exam on which a student participates. Those students who study in class 5 can participate in this exam. Once they become a student of class 5, they start to take preparation for this exam. Finally, at the end of that year, they participate in that exam. The exam is directly controlled by Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) – Bangladesh.

Though there is a basic difference between PSC and Ebtedaye exam. PSC students are studying under the general curriculum and Ebtedaye students study under the madrasa curriculum.

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Why PSC/ Ebtedaye is so important?

Exams are always important. When it comes about public exams, then actually the importance of that is felt by everyone. As it is the very first public exam of a student, so they get motivated. They study die-hard to acquire a good result in the exam. So this hard work helps them in their future life. The students get the opportunity to experience real competition. This experience works in great favour for them in the exams on which they are going to participate in the future.

Not only this actually, we all know that a student has to give PSC exams from primary schools. After passing the PSC exam, students have to get admitted into high schools. To be very honest, the result of PSC exam matters a lot for getting admitted into a good high school. That’s why this exam is so much important.

PSC Result 2019 Publish Date

Here comes the main part. We know a lot of guardians and students are eager to know the result publishing date of this exam. Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) – Bangladesh also understands this fact. Once it was a time when the authority of a public exam used to take a lot of time to publish the result. But now, the time changed. Now they try to publish the result as soon as possible.

So dear readers, you might be thinking, without sharing the date why we are just saying these things? So without wasting your valuable time, let us share the date.

We are expecting that the result of the PSC/ Ebtedaye exam will be published on 24th December 2019.

So dear students and guardians please wait till then the result is published.

Check PSC Result 2019 by SMS

Once there was a time when our grandparents had to go to the school for collecting their public exam result. But now, everything is changed. You don’t have to go to your school for just collecting your result. So what you can do? You can collect your result through your mobile phone.

If you are a student of class 5, we know, you are quite confused about the process. You might don’t even know the process. Even if you are a guardian then, we understand that your son/daughter is participating in a public exam for the very first time. You might don’t know the process of collecting your son/daughter result. But that’s not an issue. Because the process is really simple. Trust us, if you know how to use a mobile (obviously you know) then it’s a matter of 1 minute for you to collect the result.

But before sharing the process, we would like to do a request. We mean, if you are a student, then it’s a humble request to you that please send SMS along with your parents. That’s because as you are a child yet, a mistake of a single digit can change the entire result. You will get another student result if you send a wrong code or wrong roll.

So let’s talk about the process. If you are a PSC student, then at the very beginning, you will need a mobile phone. Then you have to type DPE, Your thana code, your roll number, your passing year and then you have to send it to 16222. 

If you are an Ebtedaye student, then you have to type EBT instead of DPE. That’s the only difference. Rest of the process is the same. Type your thana coderoll, passing year and send it to 16222.

Still confused?

Okay, let’s say you are a PSC student. Suppose your thana code is 7630981. Let us think that, your roll number is 105830. So type DPE 7630981 105830 and send it to 16222.

That’s it! We know, as this a very first experience for all of you so you will need some assistance. That’s why we describe the process step by step. By the way, you can know the result by using any mobile operators SIM.

PSC Result 2019 by Online

Doing an SMS is not the only process of knowing your result. There is another way available for your better comfort. To be very honest, nowadays, students and guardians feel comfortable to collect the result through the internet. If you want to collect the result through the internet then you have to ensure two things. One is a smartphone another thing is an active internet connection. If you can ensure both of the things, then this process is just for you.

Take your mobile phone and type Once you type the email address and click on ‘ok’ option you will go the official website of Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) – Bangladesh. Then you will see two options. 1. PSC. 2. Ebtedaye. Click the one, from which you belong. Now you are in the next step. In this step, you will have to district name. After that, you have to select your thana code. If you don’t know your thana code, then search on the internet. You will get several files on this issue. Download one of them and collect your thana code.

Once you selected all these, now you have to select your passing year. After that, you have to do the most important thing. You have to type your PSC/ Ebtedaye roll number. Please don’t do any mistake in this step. If you do so, then someone else result will come in front of you. So lastly if you are done with all these things, then all you need to do is just to click on the ‘submit’ option. When you will click on the submit option, you will get the entire mark sheet of your exam.

You can also collect your PSC Result 2019 mark sheet by an android app. How?

Obviously you have a smartphone with an active internet connection, right? okay then go to the play store and type PSC Result 2019 by DPE. Click on the search button, you will get so many apps. As all apps are not good, so you need to select an app, which won’t create any chance of virus attack.

Once you installed the app, then you have to give your details. Like your roll number, your passing year, your thana code, select everything which the app demands. Then click on the search option. Right after that, you will get your entire mark sheet.

That’s all about the process of collecting the result through the internet. It’s the simplest way. So you can try it for sure.

PSC Result Grading System

 So as you know how to find out PSC/ Ebtedaye result through SMS and internet it’s our holy responsibility to make you know about the grading system of PSC/ Ebtedaye. The grading system is not different from other public exams. But still, we are sharing the grading system-

80-100 5 A+
70-79 4 A
60-69 3.5 A-
50-59 3 B
40-49 2 C
33-39 1 D
0-32 0 F


So in the entire article, we tried to make you know about every single fact of PSC/ Ebtedaye. We hope, when you will come to the end of this article you will be someone who knows how to find out the result through SMS/Internet. We hope, now you are well aware of the grading system of PSC/ Ebtedaye.  But in the end, if you are a guardian then we would like to request you that, don’t give your child so much pressure that, he/she cant handle it. Let them be. One day, they will find their way. If you are a student, then we would like to say that, please study in a way that you learn something. Don’t study to just memorize, study hard so that you can learn.

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